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Fandom paradise.


im gonna lose more weight and get tattooed and be super hot soon just you wait

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misha should organize random acts to have one of those “text (#) to donate” so that the next time someone asks for my number, i can secretly donate to misha’s charity

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Hannibal is a gothic horror show about control, perception, abuse, mental illness and disability, the institution of psychiatry, and vengeance, frequently featuring terrifying scenes of violence and gore

and the fandom is comprised of teenage girls bedecking everyone in flowers and making cheesy puns

is this the actual reverse of the brony fandom

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when distant relatives try to kiss you


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things to start doing:

  1. drink more water
  2. carry a camera everywhere i go
  3. read more books than i already do
  4. go for walks
  5. do yoga more often
  6. go to bed earlier
  7. enjoy the little things
  8. go outside more
  9. stop comparing myself to others
  10. stick to my goals n stop putting things off
  11. write down my feelings
  12. smile more, especially at random people

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nash grier is crying and justin bieber almost got punched by orlando bloom what a time to be alive

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*wears an oversized leather jacket and messy hair* *leans up against some walls*

Am I cool yet?

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You punish yourself for being yourself.
Reblog if your stomach isn’t flat


I feel like we have such unrealistic expectations- I want to see how many times this gets reblogged to prove that rounded stomachs are natural, healthy and beautiful!

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Me: Castiel is an angel warrior of heaven, a seraph. He’s strong and smart as hell and could kick anyone’s ass any day of the week. I can’t list all the times he was in an uneven fight and his intellect and strategy skills got him out of it. He’s a total genius and a badass to boot.



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